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Aims and Scope

   The Revista Internacional de Estudios Migratorios (RIEM) / International Journal of Migration Studies is an international scientific journal that publishes texts of an interdisciplinary nature, dedicated to the study and analysis of migration phenomena and of ethnic and intercultural relations. RIEM is an interdisciplinary journal created to encourage and facilitate the study of sociodemographic, historical, economic, political, legislative, antropological, etnographic, educatives and geographical aspects of human mobility.
   RIEM is a journal from the area of Human & Social Sciences, published by the Center for Migration Studies and Intercultural Relations (CEMyRI), located at the University of Almeria, with support of the General Secretary for Immigration and Emigration and the Counseling of Economics and Knowledge.
   Studies of a theoretical nature, empirical research, or reflection are accepted for evaluation. The selection and review process involves anonymous peer review and quality.
   The journal is published online. Articles are published on a continuing basis, once they have been evaluated, reviewed and accepted by the Editorial Board.

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